Since 1967 SCHUMIT has been operated as an importer and distributor of the pharmacentical and dental products in Thailand. We strive to supply the state of art quality with the reasonable prices as our aim to provide a better quality of life for Thai society.


                  With our determination and commitment to participate and improve the quality of life of the Thai society, we have gained a trust to provide the quality products and services for both of the governmental and the private sectors throughout Thailand. We cover all distribution channels through the hospitals by 50% , the private clinics by 30% and the leading pharmacies by 20%.  According to our records, we are able to expand our sales with the two-digi numbers continuously.


                  Directions of our business, we will continue to move forward to closely collaborate with our partners to improve and innovate the products and services serving the market needs and the better quality of life.  We will remain commit to our alliances for a good and long-term copperative partnership.










                                                                                            mission and values 

Mission :  The leading healthcare solutions.

Values :  The professional environment, The family atmosphere