Ginsroy GR150

Ginsroy GR150 (Knowledge)


Benefits of Standardized Ginseng Extract

1.Ginseng extract Improved physical performance : Ginseng extract helps increase oxygen absorption in the body cell membrane up to 21% This helps increases the rate of metabolic processes within the body, allows the body to turn food into more energy. Hence increase in both physical strength and endurance


2.Anti-stress effect : Ginseng extract has Anti stress effect by improving physical and mental ability to endure physical and mental stress to a certain extent. Ginseng saponin stimulates the adrenal and help to promote corticosteroid synthesis. The adrenal glands produce hormones or anti-stress. Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) to act as a defense against stress. By speeding up the metabolic process to unleash energy and Metabolism of the anti-stress.


3.Ginseng extract affects the Central Nervous system : Saponins Ginsenosides found in Ginseng Extract have varied effects on the central nervous system. The Ginsenosides Rg1 help stimulates and alert the central nervous system using mechanism of action that differs from the general stimulant drugs. There by has no negative effect to the body natural sleep system. Ginsenosides Rb and Rc on the other hand, helps Clam, Relieve tension. The effects of ginseng extract may be ether stimulating or relaxing depending on our body condition and needs at that time.


4.Ginseng enhances libido and copulatory performance: These effects of ginseng are not be due to changes in hormone secretion, but to direct effects of ginsenoside components upon the central cervous system and gonadal tissues. This is consistent with traditional Chinese medicine and Korean medicine medicinal uses of ginseng. Ginseng is known to contain phytoestrogens and some studies, showed that Ginseng have a stimulating effect on the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of gonadotropins, the sex hormones which secreted by the pituitary gland and speeds up the development of reproductive organs in young lab mice's and, stimulates the production of sperm in adult male mice. Ginseng also lengthens the estrus period in female mice. Link:


5.Ginseng Extract enhances insulin secretion and helps reduce blood sugar level : Several clinical studies suggest that Ginseng extract helps stimulates the pancreas for Insulin secretion as well as increases the number of insulin receptor cells resulted in better control of Diabetes. Ginseng extract also heop regulate blood circulation and prevent numbness in hand and feet as well as chronic wounds in diabetic patients. Ginsenosides Rb1 and Re also has effects similar to insulin and may help to reduce the use of insulin in the treatment of patients with Diabetes mellitus type 1.


6.Ginseng extract enhance body immune system : Ginseng Extract is proved to enhance the immune system and cut the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms. Studies have found that Ginseng increased white blood cells by stimulating production of white blood cells in bone marrow. It has been reported that ginsenoside Rg1 increases the proportion of T helper (Th) cells among the total number of T cells. This implies that ginsenoside Rg1 increases the immune activity of CD4+ T cells.


7.Ginseng extract helps shortening the rehabilitation period and accelerating the recovery time : Research and clinical experience that ginseng can fight the disease and the dangers of radiation and various toxic substances efficiently. Ginseng increases the body's immune body's defenses diseases and complications. Help the body build red blood cells and increase the efficiency of anti-stress, which results in better overall health. The patient made a full recovery to recover from illness faster.


8.Ginseng extract helps maintain youthful and prolong vitality : Ginseng can destroy free radicals within the body hence body cells and tissues remain strong and healthy. With the help of adaptogenic activity of ginseng extract, our mind and body are bring back into balance which increased ability to recover from and resist the impact of stress. Result in slowing, preventing, or reversing the aging process, increasing physical mental fitness results enhancement in vitality and longevity.





 *** Refined fish Oil Research Proven Benefits  ***

A greater amount of research indicates that Tuna fish oil has extraordinary benefits. Numerous New studies also confirmed that Tuna fish can be instrumental in preventing a number of ealth issues.

    Refined Tuna fish Oil Contains high concentration of EPA and DHA which are the principal omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil.

    DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is a part of the omega-3 family and is said to reduce blood triglycerides in humans and reduce the risk of heart disease. The growing body of medical literature on DHA supplementation incicates that it helps in lowering the incidence of modernday diseases especially brand related decease such as Alzheimer's, Attention Deficit Disorder of ADD and even depression.

    EPA or Eicosapentaenoic acid is known as an effective treatment with its ability to lower inflammation. EPA may have beneficial potential in mental conditions, such as depression, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  EPA slso helps in several other diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, autoimmune diseases and psychiatric disorders.